Relay Reader is an application for developing readers, young and old. Here’s how it works:

  • Readers take turns reading out loud with a skilled virtual partner, just like in a relay.
  • Readers can record themselves and reflect on how they sound.
  • Readers build reading confidence, skill, and stamina, all while enjoying literary classics in a whole new way.

The web version works on computers with Google Chrome® or on Chromebooks. If you have a mobile phone or tablet, you should use our iOS or Android apps instead for the best experience.


The video below shows most of the user-facing features of Relay Reader in action.


We are looking for partners to create the best experience for Relay Reader users. If you:

  • hold rights to a book (and audiobook) that you would like to see in the app;
  • are a voice artist interested in recording narrations for the app;
  • are a graphic designer interested in making cover designs and illustrations for the books in the app; or
  • have ideas for partnership in some other capacity, please get in touch at